Differences between a theatre play and a movie

How many times have you heard that the same piece will give a different impression when watched in the theatre? The same holds true for the movies – it’s an entirely different thing when looking at a film than when watching a live performance.

But, how many times did someone explained to you what the real differences between a theatre play and a movie are? If you can’t remember, that means – too little.

Stick with us as you’ll read about the differences between a theatre play and a movie in a whole new way.

Theater play usually lasts longer

Some plays can last up to 6 or more hours, which is draining for someone who is looking a casual night out. If you’re not a hard-core theatre lover, you probably won’t enjoy sitting for so many hours in one place. On the other hand, movies are usually shorter – the longest movie lasts for about 3 hours.

Theater play cannot be rewind

The great thing about the movies is that you can always control what part you’re seeing. At least that’s true if you’re watching movies at home – which is another difference regarding the theatre. Moviegoers have the control of rewinding, fast forwarding, and slow-motioning the scenes they are interested in. In the theatre, you can only sit and watch the play in the real-time mode.

You can participate in a theatre play

As much as you can control the view in a movie, you are a passive observer. You cannot interact with the actors or text. On the other hand, theatre gives you an opportunity to be a part of the performance – many radical or experimental theatres rely on the audience interacting with the play.

You cannot pause or stop the theatre play

If you want to go to the toilet or want to grab something to eat, a theatre won’t be halted. You have to interrupt the watching of the play, which influences on your comprehension of the entire performance. On the other hand, it’s possible to manipulate with your time while watching a movie – you can pause or stop whenever you need and then replay when you’re ready.…

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