Famous actors who struggled with math – and their tips to get through it in high-school

It is a concept of most of the people that the students that are weak in math can never succeed in their life. Such people always say that math is extremely important for all types of fields you’re going to choose in the future. The reason why they say so is that they believe that engineering is the only successful field in the world and there is no other field where someone can be considered to be successful.

This is a completely wrong concept because there are thousands of people that achieved a very higher level in their life while they never liked the math during their studies. Even there are some scientists that successfully invented several things while they were weak at math during their studies. The key to success is to be passionate about what you do.

We’re not going to talk about the scientists because most of the people are not interested in listening to the stories of scientists. Therefore, we have decided to talk about the actors that struggled with math during their studies but are still very famous in their industry. So, if you are not good at math, you should not be worried about your career because it has nothing to do with your career.

You can even pay someone to do your math test for you if you’re not interested in studying math. Here are some of the famous actors that struggled with math.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is one of the most successful Hollywood stars nowadays. He never liked the high school because of the math and he always wanted to skip the school due to this particular subject. This is the main reason why he left the school at 16 and started his career as a musician. Unfortunately, he couldn’t succeed as a musician but then he started his journey as an actor and became of the top Hollywood actors.

Daniel Radcliffe

Most of the people recognize him due to his most popular role “Harry Potter”. Only a few people know that Daniel was dropped out of school due to his movie Harry Potter. However, he didn’t protest against it as he never liked math and he always wanted to live a happy life. So, this is what he has achieved now and he has become one of the most popular Hollywood actors.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the most beautiful actresses of the past decade. She has successfully participated in several movies and she has also won several awards during her career. But do you know that she was very bad at studies especially math and this is the reason due to which she was dropped out of school at 17. Click Here and take a look at some other actors that struggled with math.…

How Can Technology Improve The Quality of Education in High School?

The students usually do not pay a lot of attention to the studies. This is just because the schools have failed to understand the nature of students. In fact, the schools understand the nature of the students but they are unable to design some ideas that can help in merging the studies with the interests of students. Today’s students love using different technology gadgets and they are more interested in learning about technology.

On the other hand, the schools are trying to fill their minds by using those outdated techniques. This is the time when high schools need to make some changes to their system otherwise, the students will start leaving the schools. There are already many online institutes working that have taken the students away from the traditional schools.

So, if the schools did not focus on using the technology, they will lose all of the students. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of technology for the high school. And we know that the students will start showing their interest in the studies if they high schools started using the latest technology in their study system. So, here are the ways how technology can help improve the quality of education high school.

Concept of Ebooks

The concept of ebooks has already dominated the schools in the developed countries and there are many countries where schools are looking to adopt this new concept. The students do not like holding loads of books on their backs. So, the concept of ebooks would put the burden off of their shoulders. And they would start feeling light when going to the school. And it will also put a psychological impact on the students.


The teachers should start interacting with the students by using technology. The assignments should be assigned with the help of the technology. In fact, the school authorities should hire a developer to develop a website for their school. Thus, the teachers would create a group of the students on the website and they’d assign the tasks to all the students within a few clicks.

The teachers should try to make the tasks really interesting for the students so that they may pay attention to the assignments. And the most important thing is that nobody will be able to copy assignments from others.


The technology can also be used to improve the artistic skills of the students. So, the school administration should organize several competitions among the students so that they may show their interest in the arts and other activities.

A separate period for technology

The schools should create a technology lab where students may come and learn new things about technology. Thus, the students will show a lot of interest in the studies and they will start learning some new things as well. Here is more information about how technology can improve the quality of education in the high schools.…

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